• 85C Bakery Cafe Mooncakes handcrafted by our chefs in California. Mooncakes displayed on decorative tea plates with lotus flowers and a Chinese teapot on a gold-flecked marble background.


Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner! 85°C Bakery Cafe is proud to present an exclusive selection of signature mooncakes, handmade made by our Chefs in California using high-quality ingredients like premium unsalted butter and Taiwanese egg yolks. Celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival by sharing our mooncakes with your family and friends. For more information please visit participating locations.


85°C 祝大家中秋節愉快! 85°C 月餅,師傅手工,嚴選食材,獨家台式三酥全美販售! 85°C 與您分享中秋的幸福味道!


**Availability of items may vary by state. Please check with your local 85°C before visiting.**