Mother’s Day Cakes

Sweets for the Queen of Your Heart
Happy Mother’s Day

85°C Bakery Cafe is pleased to present 2020 special edition Mother’s Day cakes. These delicious cakes make the perfect treat for moms and families! Order now to treat the Queen of your Heart and show her your love! Select from the most popular Mango Creme Brulee, Classic Tiramisu, Deluxe Strawberry, Mamanana (Banana Brulee), and Red Velvet.
Limited edition 85°C Mother’s Day Cakes:
#1 Mango Creme Brulee
Vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla creme brulee and mango mousse. Decorated with fresh mangoes, strawberries, mango cream, and chocolate.
*Contains eggs, milk, soy, wheat
#2 Classic Tiramisu
A traditional Italian dessert layered with mascarpone cheese and coffee flavored lady’s fingers. Decorated with fruits, macaroon, flakes, and chocolate chip.
*Contains eggs, milk, soy, tree nuts, wheat
#3 Deluxe Strawberry
Strawberry chiffon cake layered with strawberry mousse and vanilla creme brulee. It is decorated with fresh cream, strawberries, and strawberry chocolate shaving.
*Contains eggs, milk, soy, wheat
#4 Mamanana (Banana Brulee)
Chocolate chiffon cake layered with banana filling made with fresh banana and vanilla creme brulee. Decorated with fresh cream, fresh strawberries, blueberries, chocolate flowers, and chocolate.
*Contains eggs, milk, soy, tree nuts, wheat
#5 Red Velvet
Traditional red velvet 3-layered cake with vanilla cream cheese and red velvet crumbs. Decorated with strawberries, blueberries and white chocolate shavings.
*Contain: eggs, milk, soy, wheat