85°C Bakery Cafe Pledges Baked Goods During Hurricane Harvey Relief

85°C Bakery Cafe responds to the strongest storm (Hurricane Harvey) to hit Texas in decades by providing relief goods in the form of their specialty breads and pastries. The 85°C Houston, TX team took action and delivered over a hundred cases of breads, cakes and pastries to the George R Brown Convention Center. Emily Hu 85°C Bakery Cafe Marketing and P.R director says “We wish for everyone’s safety during these hard times, may we all continue to work together and and provide hope for those in need.” The Taiwanese bakery cafe chain recognizes and commends all of the volunteers, policemen, firefighters and other organizations giving aid to those in need during this natural disaster. 85°C Bakery Cafe pledges to continue providing their products to multiple shelters, organization and events over the course of the hurricane.