85°C Ingredient Statement

85°C Bakery Cafe is committed to serving high quality products to our customers.

All 85°C stores in the U.S. use locally sourced oil and butters such as soybean oil, unsalted and salted butter. We DO NOT use lard in any of our products, including breads, pastries, cakes, and mooncakes. For more information about our products and the ingredients we use, please visit our website at www.85cafe.us or contact us at customerservice@85cbakerycafe.com.

85°C 秉持提供顧客高品質產品的原則。

85°C 位於美國的所有分店,皆採用美國本土所生產之食用油及奶油,例如: 大豆沙拉油、無鹽及有鹽奶油。敝公司並無使用豬油於麵包、點心、蛋糕及 月餅等任何產品,敬請安心食用。產品之相關原物料及資訊請上 85C 美國 官網查詢 www.85cafe.us 或來信至 customerservice@85cbakerycafe.com