1. Apply 3 weeks in advance
  2. Wait for our response to confirm date
  3. Pass out fliers
  4. Wait for 85°C to send out the proceeds
    • The turnaround time for 85°C to release the check to the organization is 4 Weeks or 20 business days


In order for purchases to count towards your fundraiser, your supporters must either

  • Show a physical fundraiser flyer
  • Show a digital flyer on a mobile device


DISCRIMINATION (as a sub header under regulations)
85°C Bakery Cafe will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

ELIGIBILITY (as a sub header under regulations)
Let’s make sure we’re a good fit! Before submitting an application, please check below to make sure you are eligible to participate in our fundraising program:

Eligible Groups/Persons as a sub header under regulations)
K–12 Schools (PTAs/PTOs, STEM Clubs, Senior Prom)
University Groups (Intramural Sports, Greek Life, College Radio)
Youth Sports Teams (Little League, Soccer, etc.)
Libraries and Community Centers
Non-Profits (American Cancer Society, Animal Shelters, United Way)

NON-Eligible Groups/Persons (as a sub header under regulations)
Individual causes (scholarships, stipends, personal medical expenses)
For-profit ventures (your startups, businesses, Ponzi scheme)
Religious groups for religious purposes (youth groups or mission trips)
Lobbying or political groups, Individual study, research or travel grants.

LEGAL: App Submission (as a sub header under regulations)
After submitting your application the initial request does not guarantee your fundraiser will be approved. If accepted, you will be required to provide federal tax ID W9 Form & 501-c3 for the organization. Please do not promote the fundraiser until official flyers have been received with an approval email from 85°C Bakery Cafe. Please understand that fundraisers are limited to one fundraiser every 6 months per organization. Multiple location applications will be denied.