Cinnamon Roll

A soft, sweet bread rolled with the perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar, then drizzled with decadent glaze and topped off with more cinnamon sugar

Ube Bread

Our classic sweet bread filled with delicious ube filling and topped with ube stripes.

Taro Mochi Boroh

A sweet bread encased in a crunchy taro boroh crust with taro and mochi filling.

Hokkaido Custard Bun

Soft brioche filled with sweet and rich cream on top of a layer of vanilla custard.

Walnut Raisin Multigrain

This healthy choice whole wheat bread contains walnuts, raisins, and plenty of other nutritious ingredients.

Sweet Butter Wreath

A light, sweet, buttery bread with powdered sugar and crystal sugar on top.

Milk Tea Bun

Milk tea flavored bread with milk tea, cream & brown sugar mochi inside.

Mango Custard Bun

A soft, mango flavored bread filled with sweet mango custard cream.